Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sara National Park

The Sara National Park is in the territory of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija in Serbia, and it spreads on 38000 hectares, on the nothern slopes of Sar Mountain. What this national boasts in particular are the endemic relict Macedonian pine and white-bark pine, as well as the Alpine rose. As for game, this is the habitat of the lynx, bear, chamois and other species.

A locality called "Gine voda" is special attraction because the white-bark pine, Macedonian pine, skotch pine, spruce, sycamore... are represented there all on a small area.

The Sara National Park abounds in streams and small rivers and it spreads in the municipalities of Urosevac, Suva Reka, Kacanik and Prizren.

Blantyre - Malawi

Blantyre city is the economic capital of Malawi.
For the budget traveller there are bascially two ways of getting around Blantyre. By foot or by minibuses. By day it is quite safe to walk around Blantyre provided you don't look like a rich tourist, in which case you may be unpleasantly tailed by street vendors and beggars. It is possible to explore the entire city of Blantyre on foot within a couple of days, and unless you are travelling to Limbe or to the outer suburbs of Blantyre, then it is unlikely you'll require even the minibus. In the event that you do, then minibuses are very cheap, travelling between Blantyre and Limbe costs MK 35 (as of January 2007). Alternatively you may consider hiring a bicyle if you are that way inclined. It is unsafe to walk around Blantyre during the night and we would recommend that you obtain the phone numbers of a few reliable taxi drivers (talk to some of the locals). Taxis are relatively more expensive, and the price also depends on how far the driver has to come to pick you up, but this is much preferable to being mugged in a dark Blantyre street late at night. As a general rule all taxi drivers begin at the Mount Soche Hotel.