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Rhodes is the largest Greek island of the Dodecanese group of the South Aegean Islands of Greece. It is known for the Colossus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, which was sadly destroyed.

Rhodes has everything from beautiful beaches to a lush, green interior, a bustling capital and one of the best sunshine records in Greece. The rock-rose is so prolific here that it has been named the 'Island of Roses' and while the northern coast is renowned for its lively tourist resorts the south offeres tranquil beaches and a slower, more simple pace of life.

Cities on Rhodes

* Rhodes city - The biggest city on the island and seat of the local government
* Lindos - Small village with an old acropolis. Located around a small hill. No cars are allowed in the large areas of the town.
* Haraki - Small former fishing village located next to Lindos.
* Pefkos - A smaller tourist resourt close to Lindos. Originally started as a small collection of farms and private residences, but has grown into a town in its own right.
* Faliraki - Rhodes' "action resort". Go there to party, everything else is better somewhere else.
* Kalithea - snorkeling and resort hotels.
* Lardos
* Gennadi
* Afandou - One of the big villages on the island. The golf course of Rhodes is situated in this area along with a long beach
* Ixia - West coast resort, close to Rhodes city
* Theologos - A traditional village

Rhodes info

The local tourist information office for the Dodecanese Islands is located in Rhodes city at Makariou & Papagou Corner (opposite the New Market). Telephone 22410 44335-6, Fax 22410 26955.

Beaches on Rhodes

There is a good variety of beaches on Rhodes. The east side of the island has almost continuous sandy beaches with calm waters. Beaches on the west are mostly more stony. The wind mostly comes in from the west and also the sea tends to be somewhat rougher to the west so that side of the island is better suited to surfing or kite boarding.

* Rhodes Town.
* Lindos. The stunningly beautiful town beach on the bay. Very trendy, so wear your thong bikini here if you want to fit in.
Lindos Beach, as seen from Lindos village
Lindos Beach, as seen from Lindos village
* Kalithea. Just north of Faliraki, this was originally an Italian built spa. It is very pleasant spot but can be crowded. Currently building work is ongoing to build what looks like it will be a modern spa adjacent to the original buildings. A number of separate beaches, each seemingly with their own taverna lie just south of the spa.
* Faliraki. A long sandy beach with plenty of tavernas to choose from. There is also no shortage of people to rent jet skis from or to organise other activities. At the southern end, there is a quiter, more rocky beach but the sea there is inconveniently shallow for swimmers. There is also a nudist beach a little further South.
* Ladiko Beach (Anthony Quinn Bay). This is a very scenic spot. On one side of the bay is a relatively small beach. The other side is rocky but a man made platform provides further space for sunbathing and access to the sea.
* Afandou Beach
Afandou Beach
Afandou Beach
* Kolymbia Beach.
* Tsambika Beach
* Gennadi Beach
* Agia Marina Beach

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