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Sokobanja Spa

Sokobanja Spa

Sokobanja (Sokobanja Spa) is situated in the eastern Serbia, at the height of 400 m above sea level and it ranks among the first ecological municipalities in Serbia.

Situated on the slopes of the mountains of Ozren and Rtanj, surrounded by natural sources of oxigen and ozone, on the banks of some-times peaceful and sometimes rapid noisy river Moravica - lies Sokobanja.
This urban point showing a number of evidence of its long existence is now the center of the first ecological municipality in Serbia.
Altitude of Sokobanja, negative ionization of air; natural crossing point of mild winds above the town, and the abundant springs of ther-mal waters offer a magical experience. The experience has in a most appropriate manner been expressed by Serbian famous comedist Branislav Nusic: "Sokobanja, Sokograd - one comes old and leaves young." Nusic and many other important people, such as the winner of the Nobel Prize, writer Ivo Andric, have always returned to Sokobanja till the end of their lives.
Sokobanja is a holiday heaven. An active one, of course. Whether you will decide to walk around the spar from shade to shade in summer; or from scenery to scenery in spring, fall or winter; whether you will choose your favourite sport, or go to the pool, to the river, to the nearby Bovan Lake for a swim and to enjoy fishing, in the mountain to find some sweet-smelling medicinal herbs, with which these slopes are the richest in Europe, for your own home pharmacy; whether you will visit the library, chess club, museum, gallery, caffee, find some night enter-tainment ... all the time you will be filling your lungs with oxigen, your step getting brisker and brisker; respiration easier you will be relaxing and resting.

Sokobanja has sport fields, hunting and fishing zones. The guests have at their disposal numerous soccer and basketball fields and tennis courts, as well as 20 km long "health" trim path.

Curative Factors:
A temperature of the thermal-mineral spring waters is from 28 to 45.5 degrees Centigrade.

Sokobanja Spa is Recommended for:
- Diseases of respiratory organs with children and adults: (Bronchial asthma, acute and chronical bronchitis, sinusitis, emphysema, bronchiectasis, respiratory insufficiency, postpneumonic states, other frequent respiratory infections and alergical manifastations, especially with children)
- Rheumatic diseases (Rheumatism of peripheral joints and spinal column, other types rheumatism, etc)
- Post-traumatic states
- Chronical gynecological ilnesses
- Neurological diseases: (Neuralgia, radiculity, states after injuries of peripheral nervs)
- Parcinson's disease (less developed forms)
- Stress syndrom
- Psychical and physical exhaustion
- Lighter forms of hypertension

THERAPIES in Sokobanja Spa:

- INHALATION THERAPY is made in natural inhalator "Park", aparature inhalator in "Novi zavod" and "Sokograd" buildings.
-RESPIRATORY REHABILITATION - Disobstruction of respiratory paths (inhalation, drainage of bronchias), respiration exercises, conditioning, corrective exercises.
- HYDROTHERAPY - depending on indications these are made in hypothermal water at temperature ranging from 28 to 30C, or in bath facility "Banjica", or in baths "Park" or "Sokograd", or in thermal water at temperature ranging from 36 to 38C. Inhalation therapy is made in natural inhalator "Park", aparature inhalator in "Novi zavod" and "Sokograd" buildings.
-PHYSICAL THERAPY - Hydrotherapy (in pool or in bath), hydrokinesis therapy, underwater massage, paraffin, IR, laser; galvanization, medicament electrophoresis, electrostimulation, DD, IFC, SWD, US, mechanotherapy.

Special Programmes in Sokobanja Spa:
Treatment and rehabilitation of children suffering from unspecific lung diseases.

Sokobanja Spa hotel

Natural Health Centre "Banjica"
M. Pejovica 40, 18230 Sokobanja
Phone: +381 18/ 830 204
Fax: +381 18/ 830 308

Hotel "Moravica"(***)
Timocke bune 4, 18230 Sokobanja
Phone: +381 18/ 830 622
Fax: +381 18/ 830 135

Hotel "Sunce"(***)
Radnicka 3, 18230 Sokobanja
Phone: +381 18/ 830 122
Fax: +381 18/ 830 047

Hotel "Turist"(***)
Svetog Save 20, 18230 Sokobanja
Phone: +381 18/ 830 510
Fax: +381 18/ 830 510, 830 659

Hotel Zdravljak"(***)
Miladina Zivanovica bb, 18230 Sokobanja
Phone/Fax: +381 18/ 830 722, 830 742

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