Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fruska Gora

The mountain (539m) and much of its surroundings are a national park . It was once an island in the Pannonian Sea that used to cover the Pannonian Plain long before the time of man. The mountain is covered by a thick forest of hundred year oak and birch trees , as well as the linden, a tree beloved by the Slavic peoples.

Monasteries of Mt. Fruska Gora

The mountain has been central to Serb spirituality for centuries . The monasteries were built in the late Middle Ages when Serb culture was moving northward in response to the Ottoman onslaught.
However, archeologist and historians have discovered that Fruska Gora appears to have been a place of spirituality even before . Evidence of this can be seen in the form of bronze icons from the 12th century found at Rakovac . The serb monasteries were built by adherents of the Moravian school of architecture. The founders of the first of the monasteries were the despots of the house of Brankovic, descendants of the Serb rulers of the Medieval times. In the 1700s many were rebuilt in Baroque style, getting tall bell towers and intricate Baroque iconstases. During the Second World War the monasteries suffered heavy damage. Many valuable objects were taken .



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