Friday, November 25, 2011

Sopocani Monastery

Sopocani Monastery

Lies 14 km W of Novi Pazar , at the Raska river's spring . Built by Uros I whose mortal remains were buried in it , together with the remains of several other members of the Nemanjic dynasty (his mother Ana Dandolo and King Stephen the first-Crowned). The Church of the Holy Trinity was built in the Rascian style . The church boasts outstanding frescoes and paintings on the altar and naos, with a touch of the classical spirit. These works are regarded as the most monumental in European medieval art , and they were painted by Byzantine's most skilled artists after Constantinople fell to the Crusaders.
The fresco depicting the Ascension of the Holy Mother of God is the best example of Sopocani's murals . The composition is harmonious and well- balanced, countenances serene and movements elegant. The harmony of colors imparts dignity , while the golden light of the background suggests the presence of the Havens on Earth The Turks ravaged the monastery several times and burned it in 1689 , leaving it deserted and roofless over two centuries.

Sopocani Monastery Serbia

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