Friday, November 18, 2011

Lepenski vir

Lepenski vir , site situated on the banks of the Danube at Djerdap 46 km from Golubac in Serbia. It dates from 6700 - 4500 BC . The location itself is magnificent and is one of the most important archeological sites in the world .

Lepenski vir consists of several layers of remains of settelmaents of fishermen and hunters and a regional holy site . It is famous for its fish- shaped figures carved from flat stones taken out of the Danube , which are the oldest known examples of sculpture in Europe . The foundations of the settelments are specific - shaped like an arc of a circle with the tip cut of , indicating to an outstanding knowledge of mathematics. Tools found at the site were fashioned with unusual mastery and pieces of elaborate jewlery have also been discovered . The Culture of Lepenski vir comprises a series of prehistoric settelments along the Danube, built mostly near large whirpools rich in fish . Original sculptures are perserved in the National Museum in Belgrade.

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